G-Cloud12 and G-Cloud13 Framework

G-Cloud12, and the soon to be launched G-Cloud13, is a government framework agreement (managed by Crown Commercial Services) through which  supplier cloud-based solutions such as Carbon Hub and Apex are made available through a front-end catalogue called the Digital Marketplace. For the buyer, procuring services through a framework is a much more efficient process without having to manage multiple stages and contracts.

The Carbon Hub Cloud-9 hosted energy management solution is available for organisations to procure through the Digital Marketplace under the G-Cloud13 frameworks.

Carbon Hub does not require an asset management solution to deliver a powerful, real-time energy management system, however it will easily integrate with your existing housing information system to provide synchronicity across all platforms.

Rowanwood, supported by Sava and its Intelligent Energy software, provides the Carbon Hub solution to all Housing Providers required to meet the government set net zero targets of 57% by 2030, 75% by 2035 and 100% by 2050 for each of the properties in their managed portfolio. Carbon Hub has the potential to help unlock your access to nearly £5bn of Government funding available to UK organisations.