Apex Solutions

The Housing Asset Management Solution provider for the social housing sector

Apex Core

Apex provides social housing landlords with an intuitive, easy to use, highly flexible and configurable business tool to enable our customers to manage their property portfolio.

Apex Core is the fundamental building block of the Apex solution.

The solution enables the seamless collection of stock condition data in a user-defined structure, the continued analysis, refinement and modelling of data into the production of a planned programme of works.

  • Flexible business repository of all asset management information
  • Highly integrated solution
  • Comprehensive data analysis, filtering and reporting against regulatory standards and KPIs
  • Forecast future maintenance costs to support short, medium and long term business planning
  • Compliance against industry defined Quality Standards and locally defined aspirational business standards
  • Powerful and analytical business tool includes ‘what-if’ modelling, profiling investment needs against budgetary limitations

Apex Contract

  • Management of capital works programmes
  • Supports delivery of planned work through integrated contractor management
  • Automatic update of stock condition based on completion of contractor work
  • Full financial control and audits including variation management
  • Ability to track progress of planned programmes at all project levels based on RAG, timeline or financial
  • User-defined integrated workflows and controls

Apex Contract supports the investigation, analysis and evaluation of implementing different maintenance strategies.

This flexible module supports the customer’s business processes from initial stock condition capture, programme definition, investment planning through to issuing work to the contractors, financial management, final completion and programme delivery.

A highly configurable solution, allowing the customer to map the work flow stages to their own business processes.

Apex Compliance

Apex Compliance is a complete solution designed to maintain full regulatory compliance across all assets and appliances.

Providing a comprehensive solution for the data collection, risk assessment and management of housing assets into a centralised and accessible compliance register.

Apex Compliance not only conforms to all the latest industry asbestos risk management standard, including HSG264, but provides unlimited user-defined assessments for H&S types, e.g. fire, Legionella, gas safety, electrical testing, HHSRS and lifts.

A highly flexible and configurable workflow solution for users to manage the delivery of planned servicing and inspection programmes to ensure full compliance is maintained across the organisation.

  • Fully compliant with asbestos risk management regulations and the business requirement for asbestos due diligence management processing and reporting prior to any planned or responsive work
  • Fully integrated with our surveying technology
  • Configurable service definitions mean the system will be mapped directly to the customer’s business processes and organisational requirements
  • Suite of dashboards, management and operational reports, process monitoring and escalation to ensure effective performance reporting and full compliance across the organisation.
  • Fully integrated contractor solution
  • Supports unlimited user-defined assessment types covering all industry standard requirements (e.g. Fire Risk, Legionella, HHSRS, Lifts, Gas and Electrical)
  • Recording of issues and remedial actions with full audit trail including risk scoring and matrix

Apex Energy

  • Fulfilment of landlord legislative energy efficiency requirements
  • Integrated with the smartphone & tablet surveying & inspection solution for capture of simple or advanced energy dataset
  • Fully integrated with energy accreditation scheme for EPC production
  • Perform SAP energy ratings using energy data from centralised Asset Register using minimal or advanced datasets
  • Seamless integration with industry standard AutoAssessor Pro & Intelligent Energy rating software
  • Provides ‘what-if’ energy modelling and energy investment programming and forecasting
  • Dynamic method of Synchronisation of EPCs created outside of Apex

Apex Energy is a comprehensive energy solution for social housing providers to capture energy information through surveys or day-to-day business activities and processes, perform energy rating, energy modelling or produce an EPC certificate to support legislation.

Apex Energy simplifies the process of producing energy ratings and cost data from within Apex using industry standard integrated rating software.

Users can perform ‘what if’ energy scenarios based on system or user prescribed investment profiles to build energy programmes and future forecasts.

Apex Surveying

Apex Surveying provides integrated software supporting dynamic survey programmes for stock, asbestos, energy,fire-risk (H&S) and HHSRS.

Flexible user maintained survey definition, supporting intelligent business rules and multiple survey types, such as Internal, External, H&S or Decent Homes are also supported.

Additional control and configuration, including preview and validation, is provided to external surveyors and contractors through our Survey Portal enabling authorised users to produce Survey Validation reports for specific survey projects or programmes.

  • Supports the definition, surveying data capture and management of surveys, inspections and general questionnaires
  • Automatically includes tenant and property risks to safeguard all workers
  • Allows surveyors to work dynamically and independently
  • Provides user-control over aspects of the survey process
  • Easy to use, Intuitive with a menu driven approach
  • Flexible definitions of the survey questions supporting intelligent business rules
  • Automatic upload & update of data back into the Apex Asset Register

Apex Financials

  • Performs mathematical & financial calculations on future investment needs and rental income to produce Net Present Value (NPV)
  • Supports stock viability assessments and option appraisals
  • Provides user-defined income & expenditure variables
  • Produces a ‘quick view’ 30-year cost plan
  • Resulting values are stored and assessable through the Asset Register for comprehensive analysis
  • Provides integration to pull key data from the housing management or other information systems
  • Provides simple and effective RAG analysis of properties for comparison

Apex Financials is a sophisticated business solution to present short, medium and long-term stock viability and option appraisals.

The results are delivered in simple and effective RAG status values highlighting various financial or sustainability indicators.

Financial calculations can be applied to the entire stock or selected business areas supporting ‘what if’ profiling.

Data is fed in from the Apex business modules, and can be complimented by data, such as rent, occupancy rates, void loss, etc. from an integrated housing management system to produce a complete business plan.