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Rowanwood Apex
The Housing Asset Management Solution provider for the social housing sector
Rowanwood Infosec
Rowanwood can help you navigate your way through this wide-reaching data privacy framework
Rowanwood Cloud-9
An easy-to-install, cost-effective SaaS solution for today, that’s scalable for tomorrows demands
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If you have business challenges, we have the IT solutions & technology to help you achieve your goals


Do you need a software solution that will seamlessly manage your housing asset portfolio?


Is your data and that of your customers, colleagues & student’s data protected and secure in line with GDPR regulations?


Let us manage your Apex solution in our Cloud-9 Azure infrastructure, so that you can concentrate on managing your business.

Rowanwood can help you with all of your business needs. From tackling the complexity of GDPR legislation and becoming compliant; to managing your portfolio of housing assets with our innovative software. If you have outgrown the ability to manage your services within a secure environment, our team of highly skilled professionals are here to help.

We specialise in:

Housing Asset Management and Mobile Technologies
Cloud Hosted Services
Bespoke Technology Services
IT Services and Consultancy (on-site and remote)
State of the art mobile technologies
Information Security & GDPR Assessments