Key things to know about Software as a Service

The world of Software as a Service, or SaaS, has brought technology to a level that has transformed businesses large and small. We wanted to share how SaaS works and also how it might be an advantage to use. If scaling and cost savings are a concern, SaaS could be a solution that makes sense.

SaaS - software as a service concept with young manIn recent years, anyone in the technology realm has heard about SaaS. What is it? Simply put, it is Software as a Service, and it is how many companies are now scaling and adjusting the software they use to better their tools and business models.

As Rowanwood is a provider of a fully managed SaaS-hosted service called Cloud 9, we understand how this works at its best for companies interested in utilizing it. Here is a quick look at what you should know about SaaS and how it can affect your business.

Defining SaaS for everyone

As part of what SaaS provides, companies can license individual software products via subscription and then receive those via the cloud. A user can utilize the software with a seamless data trail that uses the customer’s and the app’s databases through a web browser or apps.

By subscribing to SaaS, customers can give feedback to the provider about how it works and suggest improvements that can be worked through different iterations. Even though the client doesn’t strictly own the software, it isn’t responsible for maintaining it, saving resources.

Here are a few reasons why SaaS is popular

With SaaS becoming the norm for software, there are some clear reasons businesses have shown an interest. Among those:

Less training: Most tools are designed to be as user-friendly as possible, plus with no physical storage, there isn’t a need to teach how to integrate them within a system.

Cost savings: Servers aren’t set up as part of a SaaS installation, saving time and resources. This is true of even software that works in a complex fashion.

Scale to fit: Since third-party servers are building the software needed, there are built-in opportunities to increase or decrease what is in use based on the utilization.

A cloud-based solution with benefits for your business

SaaS is a key part of the Cloud 9 service that we provide businesses. We also have technologies driven by SaaS principles that address housing energy management, asset management, creation needs, IT services, information security and GDPR assessments.

We aim to partner with you to provide greater access, security and efficiency with your technology. To find out more, go to the Rowanwood website.