What Infosec means for more robust data privacy

Protecting your data assets as well as those of your customer base and employees is part of what Infosec is build for, making it easier to navigate through this area of doing business.

Writing codes and typing data code technology, Programmer team wOne of the most labyrinthine parts of running any business is data privacy. With so many concerns surrounding how data is accessed and stored, it makes sense to find a way to secure it more efficiently and comprehensively.

One area in which we can help you is by using Rowanwood Infosec. Protecting your data assets and those of your customer base and employees is part of what Infosec is built for, making it easier to navigate through this area of business.

Here’s a look at what Infosec does and why it’s important to have something in place to meet compliance standards.

Shoring up security

Infosec excels at compliance with General Data Protection Regulation, or GDPR. These are rules from the federal government that govern how data is stored and processed and how it is protected. Long story short: the owners of the data have more control over how that data is controlled.

If GDPR is breached, substantial fines are levied, not to mention some hits to your business reputation. Even though there isn’t a specific standard or qualification for data privacy compliance – a gray area that might be addressed later – it’s still possible to meet obligations and regulations to meet these governmental standards.

The steps to more robust data privacy

There are several steps to ensuring that data and information are more secure. Through Infosec as one example, there are specific steps that consultants can take. These include the following:

Targeted readiness and GAP analysis, to see where vulnerabilities may already be hiding.
Comprehensive GDPR compliance assessments, to see where there could be concerns with meeting regulations.
GDPR alignment and implementation, to fill those gaps with compliance technology or processes.
Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIA), identifying risks and the tools to mitigate those risks and remain compliant.
Information security standard consultancy ensures that all security is set to the international standard, known as ISO 27001.

Covering a wide range of business and tech needs

While Infosec is an excellent solution for GDPR and ISO, it’s just one tactic that Rowanwood can help you with. We also have technologies that can address housing asset management, energy management, cloud-hosted services, technology creation needs and IT services.

Our team of experts can help you keep up to date on your technology needs and compliance. Our website has more information on our range of services.