How the cloud is transforming business for the better

We wanted to share more with you about how the cloud and its computing powers have led to the business transformation that is helping all types of businesses. From time-saving techniques to better overall security, it’s become a true go-to for companies that want to improve how they do business.

business man typing on a keyboard with holograms of digital docuIn so many industries, you hear about business transformation and how to make it better for your company. Invariably, it’s linked to technology and leveraging the latest and greatest to make your business more efficient and effective.

The revolution in cloud computing over the past few years has been strongly linked to business transformation, and it’s easy to see why. The ease of using the cloud and its ability to deliver faster results is one of the key reasons it’s been so embraced, especially in a remote-forward work landscape.

We wanted to share some advice from experts on why the cloud has been such a catalyst for business transformation. It’s food for thought as you consider moving more of your business to this brave newer technological world.

Software delivery and use

Instead of needing to store tech on giant servers, the cloud makes it easier to utilize and more efficiently implement the latest software. By using modular methods to also customers the mix of available software, the cloud has become the go-to for businesses concerned about scalability, integration and efficiency with time and resources.

Better security
With changes in the way security in cyberspace is approached, the cloud has evolved dramatically in keeping data and storage as secure as possible. With user partitioning also customizable and done remotely — sometimes even through AI — it’s also easier to execute.

Backups are a snap
Storage on the cloud can be tailored to fit your company’s needs, so having data in a spot where it can be automatically sent and accessed as needed has been a massive boon for the industry.

Giving the keys to everyone
Having a free-standing IT department is becoming less and less needed since the cloud can make it easier for even common users to work on troubleshooting and implementation. Experts will always be required, but having access to solve your tech issues as a first approach has been a game-changer.

A variety of services to help you with your business

Cloud-hosted services are just one way that Rowanwood can add value as a partner. We also have technologies that can address asset management, creation needs, IT services, housing energy management, information security and GDPR assessments.

You need a comprehensive approach with a highly skilled team ready to help improve your business. To find out more, go to our website.