Expert ISO 27001 Consultancy Services

Rowanwood can provide our customers with ISO 27001 consultants to help them become, and remain ISO 27001 accredited, and by default help with the implementation of an effective Information Security Management System that compliments the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation.

All our consultants have a proven track record in this field. They come from large multi-disciplined organisations where they have gained ‘hands-on’ experience of getting ISO certification and more importantly maintaining it through a process of continuous evaluation and improvement endorsed by ongoing senior management reviews.

Our ISO 27001 services cover:


Prior to conducting the GAP Analysis exercise our team will conduct a series of meetings with the client in order to gauge current level of security engagement, posture, maturity of processes and procedures and senior management attitude towards risk.

During our review, our consultants will perform the following:

  • a Gap Analysis exercise using the 14 control sets from within Annex A
  • identification of which of the 114 controls are adequately in place by the organisation
  • provide a deliverables document from the GAP analysis review
  • show areas of risk and weakness within the organisation’s ISMS system.


  • Awareness workshops for senior and executive management ensuring that expectations are set correctly.
  • Implementation Rowanwood consultants will guide the client through each stage of the journey ensuring a robust, appropriate and effective ISMS is delivered.
  • Consulting advice and guidance to your in-house team.
  • GAP Analysis against the 14 control sets which will give you a clear understanding of security posture in the organisation and more importantly exposure to risk.
  • Internal audit and on-going maintenance and management of the Information Security Management System . This will also include the activity of addressing ‘continuous improvement’.

Using the results from the Gap Analysis review, Rowanwood consultants will map out an implementation plan for the organisation to become aligned to the ISO standard, leading to accreditation. The implementation plan will be a fully comprehensive document, where the entire journey of tasks and activities – dependent on the size of the organisation – could require anything from several weeks or months of work to in some cases in excess of an elapsed year to fully implement.

Some of the services that Rowanwood will provide as part of the implementation plan include:

The Benefits​

Having embarked on such a significant piece of work it is important to outline some of the benefits:

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  • Sales enabler leading to revenue growth
  • Risk exposure aligned to risk appetite
  • Protection of business assets to ensure continuity
  • Continuous improvement
  • Competitive business advantage, to name but a few.