The benefits of working in the cloud

In our latest blog, we go into a little more detail about cloud services. We talk about the advantages of using this technology, as well as some security features that are must-haves if you're considering a move to the cloud.

cloud computing technologyOne of the greatest transformations in the working world has been the use of cloud computing. And, it came along at a rather opportune time.

The pandemic and its effects made working from home more of a necessity than ever before. This meant that cloud technology could be leveraged better for business use, and then it became a default setting for many businesses with hybrid workforces.

The cloud can be used for a wide range of technology, and it’s the safest and most secure it has ever been. Here’s a look at both the advantages and the security measures that are important for using the cloud.

How the cloud can help your business

First, let’s talk about those advantages. According to the NI Business Info website, here are some advantages they see to cloud-based systems for IT.

Cost efficiency: It’s easier to use, upgrade and maintain your apps and systems through the cloud, since there is less or no installation time and most upgrades take place through your provider.

Scaling and flexibility: You can downscale or upscale IT as needed through the cloud without many additions to time or manpower. Plus, users can access files through different devices and share as needed.

Back-up is robust: Instead of using hard drives, data can be backed up in the cloud itself, making it easier to store and access when necessary.

Security measures to think about 

With that last item, in particular, it’s important to note that you need to make sure the cloud provider you use has great security measures in place. The government’s National Cyber Security Centre has some tips on what cloud providers should do to ensure better security.

Make sure multi-factor authentication is being used: This is the safest way to log on, while data encryption can be a great add-on to further ensure security.

Relaxing settings can only take place through intentional action: This is something that doesn’t need to be done automatically or via AI.

Make sure both logs and legacy protocols are not disabled: The cloud needs to be working in these configurations to safeguard against potential cyber-attacks.

A variety of services to help you with your business

Cloud-hosted services are just one of the ways that Rowanwood can be a partner with you in your business. We also have technologies that can address housing energy management, asset management, creation needs, IT services, information security and GDPR assessments.

It’s a comprehensive approach with a highly skilled team ready to help transform your business. To find out more, go to our website.